FACE 2 FACE with LOWENSTERN and GOULD: July 21, 2019


667 South River Street
Plains, PA . 18705

Contact: rsperrazza@comcast.net


In-person registration:  9:00 AM  ($20 admission to all events/concert)
Menu of Activities: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM – Includes a lunch and dinner break (on your own)
plus a Social Media Break to take and post all the pictures you want!
Concert:  7:00 PM LOWENSTERN and GOULD with
the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble  ($5 concert only)


Performances by Michael Lowenstern and David Gould
The Three P’s: Practicing, Performing, and Paying the BIlls (panel discussion)
Tongue and Cheek: How to Articulate like a Boss
Ready, Set, Blow: Embouchure and Muscle Memory
Michael Lowenstern In Real Time:  Circular Breathing. Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Weird-Looking Embouchure Exercises.  How Not to Sound  Whimpy on bass clarinet
When to Phone it In: Best Practice Techniques and Favorite Apps
Gear up with Gould: Mouthpieces, Reeds, and Ligatures.  Demos by Lowenstern.
Flipped Masterclass: Participants identify common errors in Mozart Clarinet Concerto and Weber Concertino
Open Rehearsal for Evening Concert: Participate or Watch