Northeastern Illinois University.  5500 North St. Louis Avenue.  Chicago, IL.  60625


Artistic Director:  Dr. Rose Sperrazza          Assistant Director:  Cally Laughlin



  • Speak Your Mind: Artistic Expression and the Soloist with John Bruce Yeh
  • To “C” or not to “C”:  Operatic Clarinet Excerpts and Perspectives with Charlene Zimmerman
  • All Write Already: Compose Your Own Cadenza Workshop with Eric P. Mandat
  • BASS-ically Speaking: The Highs and Lows of the Bass Clarinet with Michael Lowenstern
  • Teaching with Toys:  Creativity in the Clarinet Studio with David Bell
  • E-flat-uation: Learning to Love the Eb Clarinet with Jorge Montilla
  • I’ve Got Your Bach…and Telemann: An Approach to Skill Building through Unaccompanied Works with Kathy Pirtle
  • Tell Your Story! Improv 101 and Jam Session with Chloe Feoranzo
  • Arranging for the Clarinet Quartet with Erin Miesner and  Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet
  • Sound Health: Somatics in the Clarinet Studio with Rosemary Engelstad

Shared Recitals

John Bruce Yeh and Jorge Montilla
Michael Lowenstern and Eric Mandat
David Bell, Kathy Pirtle, Andrea DiOrio

Gala Concert

Chicago Clarinet Ensemble, 10th Anniversary Concert with Michael Lowenstern, Jorge Montilla, Chloe Feoranzo, and John Bruce Yeh

General Rate: $115 for the Two-Day Symposium
Student Rate: $80 (must be enrolled full time)
Daily Rate: $65
Individual Master Class or Concert Rate: $15 (pay at the door)

Registration and Accommodations

(detailed schedule will be posted in February)