March 9, 2015: Clarinet Fresh with Diana Haskell

Haskellpic2014Chicago Clarinet Ensemble welcomes Diana Haskell, Associate Principal and Eb Clarinetist with the St. Louis Symphony.  Clarinet Fresh breaks away from CCE’s mainly large ensemble repertory to highlight the ensemble’s chamber commissions as well as newer works for the clarinet.

Ms Haskell will premiere”Dog Days” by Leo Schwartz, a work for clarinet, piano, and baritone which Haskell recently commissioned.   She will also perform Gregory Vadja’s “Lightshadow – Trembling” for unaccompanied clarinet. Chicago Clarinet Ensemble brings back  Eric Mandat’s sextet “Pursuits of Happiness” performed with John Bruce Yeh on Eb clarinet – a part which was specifically written with Yeh in mind – along with Diana Haskell on Bb clarinet, and members of CCE.   Other works on the program include “Let’s Snap” by Jun Yi Chow, commissioned and performed by the Novacane Clarinet Quartet, winners of the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble’s 2014 Clarinet Ensemble Competition.   Join us for this collaboration of clarinet artistry combined with the freshest possible clarinet compositions.

Diana Haskell, clarinet
John Bruce Yeh, clarinet
Kay Kim, piano
Robert Heitzinger, baritone
Chicago Clarinet Ensemble
Novacane Clarinet Quartet

MARCH 9, 2015 7:30PM
Northeastern Illinois University
Recital Hall

Tickets: $10 General Admission